Richmond Riverside

This is a large development of offices, flats, shops, two restaurants, community facilities, underground carparks, an urban square and riverside gardens and incorporates two listed buildings. It exhibits the richness of English 18th century architecture using a wide pallet of traditional materials, and all of the 5 architectural orders. It draws inspiration from the work of Palladio, Longhena, Sansovino, Hawksmoor, William Chambers and the Gothic Revival of the 19th century.

After 35 years the development is still very popular with locals and visitors and has mellowed and improved with age (unlike most 1980’s developments) which is testimony to its robust solid wall construction and human scale.




Year of Build



2008 – Philippe Rotthier Prix European d’Architecture for Urban Design

1990 – Johnnie Walker Architectural Award

1990 – Brick Development Association for Quality Brickwork

1989 – The Carpenters Award for Design and Joinery Work

1988 – The Richmond Society

1988 – The Richmond Society for New Housing in Water Lane

1988 – The Richmond Society for Landscaped Open Space for the Public

1988 – The Richmond Society for Heron Court Layout

1988 – The Richmond Society for The Restaurant Building on the Waterfront

1988 – The Richmond Society for Rehabilitation and Conservation of Tower House, Bridge Street.


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