St Simon Zelotes Church

Designed by Joseph Peacock (a rogue goth) in 1851, St Simon Zelotes is a striking and distinctive church built in the High Victorian tradition. It has a Kentish Rag Stone exterior and an impressive polychrome brick interior with abundant carving by John Lewis Jacquet.

We have made several alterations to the interior to meet the needs of a modern church: new kitchen facilities, a disabled accessible lavatory, internal access to the gallery, new paving, new lighting and audio-visual equipment and new storage cupboards. Areas of brickwork in the church and the clerestorey have been cleaned and repaired and minor repairs such as strengthening the gallery and decoration have been carried out.

All new work and conservation has been done to blend into Joseph Peacock’s interior and to look as if they are a natural part of the design.


Listed Grade II*. Repair, conservation and reordering




Year of Build

2012 and 2019

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